In this series of maps, I’ve compared the geographic distribution of Planned Parenthood locations and crisis pregnancy centers. Planned Parenthood is considered a liberal non-profit, as it supports a woman’s choice to have an abortion. Crisis pregnancy centers (also known as pregnancy resource centers) are conservative non-profits that typically provide counseling to discourage a woman from having an abortion. Not all crisis pregnancy centers are licensed as medical centers, and as such, some provide counseling only, with no medical services.

The databases I generated include all centers of both types listed in the data sources. There were approximately three times as many crisis pregnancy centers as Planned Parenthood locations in the USA. The top two maps show the number of locations per one million state population. Note that the scales are different; they are stretched to highlight maximums and minimums for each type of health center.

The lower map compares the resource allocations – as defined by the percentage of locations – for Planned Parenthood and crisis pregnancy centers. To calculate these values, I derived separately the percentage of Planned Parenthood clinics in each state, and the percentage of crisis pregnancy centers in each state. Then, to compare how the two non-profits focus their efforts across the county, I mapped the difference between the percentages for each state. The example, as noted on the map, is that 8.1% of all Planned Parenthood locations are in New York, but only 5.7% of crisis pregnancy centers are in New York. The difference is 2.4% in favor of Planned Parenthood. The scale for this map shows the absolute value of the differences, with blue indicating a state that has a greater proportion of the Planned Parenthood centers, relative to its share of the crisis pregnancy centers, and red denoting states with the opposite balance in resource allocation.

Data sources:

Posted on 14 February, 2014

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