I read an article on the busiest flight paths in the world in 2012, and was surprised to see that most of the routes are in Asia (and none are in the USA or Europe). Obviously, population density has a lot to do with it. The measurement, in number of passengers, is based on origin to destination journeys traveled.  

The article lacked a map, so I’ve made one, but there are some other fun stats provided, so check out the data source if you’re interested. Note that the lines are not geodesics; I curved path #7 so that you could see path #6 beneath it.

Data source: http://www.amadeus.com/web/amadeus/en_US-US/Amadeus-Home/News-and-events/News/041713-300-world-super-routes/1259071352352-Page-AMAD_DetailPpal?assetid=1319526535668&assettype=PressRelease_C

Posted on 12 August, 2013

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    Who’d have thought Melbourne and Sydney would be busy considering our small population size
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    It’s a little hard to believe - I wonder if this is # of flights or # of passengers
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