For all the Phish Heads out there…

I extracted the date and location of every Phish show listed on the band’s website. Apparently, their website isn’t only missing individual shows, it’s missing entire years.  So I supplemented the missing dates using the phan site. The first concert was in 1983, and I included the upcoming summer shows (2013), so it’s a time period spanning 30 years. For the purpose of mapping, I removed Europe and Asia shows, but have kept all USA and Canada concerts in the database. 

The data are mapped to show both the number of concerts per state/province, and the tour path. Five states have had over 80 shows: Vermont (242), New York (209), Massachusetts (97), California (92), and Colorado (82). The total number of shows in the database is 1,532; this is probably not 100% comprehensive, but it should be close. The light blue dots identify every city where a concert was played. The light blue path connects the concert locations chronologically, moving from the first show to the last of the upcoming summer tour. So if you followed the band for the past 30 years and attended every show (which I’m guessing only the band members themselves have done), this is the route you took. 

This graphic was made while listening to Weekapaug Groove (June 10th, 1995).  Happy touring, everyone…

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Posted on 1 May, 2013

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